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Clannad’s Nintendo Switch Version Launches In The West On July 4, 2019



    Publisher Prototype announced that Key’s classic visual novel Clannad will release its Nintendo Switch version in the West on July 4, 2019, for a simultaneous release as with Japan.


    As previously detailed, the Switch version of Clannad features full-HD resolution and 5.1 surround sound. The game has English and Japanese text, with an extra Dangopedia encyclopedia feature for the English version that has references of various terms and keywords to help better understand aspects of Japanese tradition and pop culture in the game.


    Additionally, the Switch version has several control schemes, including one that is touchscreen-only with no Joy-Cons required.


    Clannad releases for Nintendo Switch on July 4, 2019. It’ll go for 5,200 yen plus tax for the physical version and 4,600 yen for digital in Japan. In the United States it’ll go for $44.99. The game is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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