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Clara Counterattacks in Honkai Star Rail

The newest “Keeping Up With Star RailHonkai Star Rail video focuses on Clara, who is a young girl living on Jarilo-VI in Belobog. Like previous ones, it mostly introduce us to who Clara is as a unit, rather than a character. In Honkai Star Rail, Clara is a five-star Physical Destruction character who fights with the giant robot Svarog.

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Clara serves as both a tank and a DPS in our party if we use her in Honkai Star Rail. She can decrease how much damage she takes, and Svarog can counterattack enemies that hit her. Her Skill attacks all enemies with Physical DMG, and her Technique raises the chances of enemies attacking her. Her Ultimate further reduces the damage she takes, as well as increases how much enemies target her.

As for Clara in the game, the player encounters her in Belobog. She is an orphan whose greatest wish is to have a family, and the robot Svarog fulfills that dream of hers. With Clara’s help, the player is able to communicate with Svarog during the Belobog story quest. While HoYoVerse has not commented directly on the similarities, Clara may be a shout-out or reference to Illya from the Fate series. This is due to her appearance, as well as in her usage of a protective giant.

Honkai Star Rail is readily available on mobile devices and Windows PC. PS4 and PS5 versions will come out in the near future. Clara is a 5-star character who is permanently available from the gacha pool in Honkai Star Rail.

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