Class of Heroes: The First Day Of School

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On my first day of class in Class of Heroes, I sped through the opening intro dialog because I was excited to start dungeon crawling. Unfortunately, I missed a bunch of important parts because when I finally landed in the navigation menu in school, I had no idea what to do.


There were already pre-made characters that I could add to my party from the beginning, but I wanted to get a feel of the character customization. I created a female drake thief named Kara because it’s always good to have a thief in the party. It took a while for me to make this first character because there was so much to think about. Will she be female or male? What race would she be? I wanted her to be strong, and the drakes are one of the strongest. They also get along with most other races. Lastly, I made her a thief because I wanted someone in the party to disarm traps.


Next, I created a human warrior named Helo, which is pretty generic, but I wanted to use him as a tank. I then filled the remaining 4 slots of my party with another human warrior, a halfling warrior, a cleric for my magic and healing needs, and a devout for healing and support.




Being a novice at the game, but pretty well versed in first-person dungeon crawlers, I went to the first dungeon as soon as I could. It was fittingly called something like the Novice dungeon. I promptly got my butt kicked. None of my back row members could attack because they only had short-range weapons and I wasn’t ready for number of enemies that appeared for each battle. This game is a lot harder than Etrian Odyssey, the last first person dungeon crawler I played.


I needed to re-think my strategy some more, so I returned to town. I then encountered my first disappointment of the game. The menu-system in town is too clumsy. Since my entire party died out in a dungeon, I needed to excavate them from a dungeon with a live character, which means I’d either have to enroll a new character into my party, or pick another one from the pre-made roster. After rescuing them from the dungeon, I have to treat them in the infirmary if they’re dead, which costs money.


Luckily, most of the time I just had to treat my cleric character. As long as I had enough money to revive my other members, I could just use my cleric to heal the rest of the party. Resting in the dorm to recover MP costs nothing, thank gods.


What did I learn during my first day in Class of Heroes? It pays to pay attention to the dialog and do some lessons just to learn how the game works and gain some points that go towards using a party-combination skill. Also, there’s no shame in running away if an enemy looks menacing.

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