Classic Arcade Game Heiankyo Alien Finds New Extraterrestrial-Burying Life On Steam

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Original arcade hit Heiankyo Alien, a game where players have to dig holes for aliens to fall into, then bury them before their extraterrestrial buddies can dig them out, has had a modern release on Steam.


Heiankyo Alien is a puzzle game where players must dig holes as aliens wander the city, trying to place them so that aliens tumble into them. However, players will need to stay nearby and fill in the holes to truly get rid of the alien inside, as another alien passing over a fallen one will  bring them out of the hole. Making contact with the aliens is lethal, too, so players will need to take care while digging and filling in holes.

Heiankyo Alien features three different versions of the game. It comes with a port of the original arcade version, but also another arranged mode that is a five minute long score attack where players have infinite lives. Players can also dig up items in this mode that will boost their score or give them more time, encouraging players to explore the map as it fills up with psychedelic colors. The third mode is a collaboration with musical group Guildoll, which features a different goal in each stage that must be completed in order to move on.


Heiankyo Alien is available now on Steam.

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