If you were gaming on PC back in the ‘90s, you may remember a shoot-em-up called Raptor: Call of the Shadows. Like many PC games back in those days, it was published by Apogee software and introduced to a whole lot of people through a shareware version that let you play through its first episode.


As of last Friday, Raptor is available for purchase via Steam for modern PCs. DotEmu have handled the game’s Steam port. It contains 27 missions across three episodes and you’ll get to upgrade your ship along the way, outfitting it with different weapons, shields and bombs. I recall Raptor getting fairly tough and needing to change my weapon loadout depending on which part of the game I was in, so that is most definitely an important aspect of the game.


Raptor: Call of the Shadows costs $4.99 on Steam and you can find screenshots and info here.


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