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Clive Fights Ifrit in New Final Fantasy XVI Video

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A new video on Square Enix’s Twitter account for Final Fantasy XVI shows a clip of Clive in battle against Ifrit. Though the game is still in development, it gives a fairly clear look at the UI thus far. Clive seems to switch between Phoenix (fire) and Garuda (wind) in battle, using their skills in tandem in order to face off against Ifrit.

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You can watch the video of Clive fighting Irit here:

The HP bars on the top of the screen resemble that of a fighting game. This is in line with the Final Fantasy XVI development team’s past interviews stating that the game would be more action-oriented than previous titles. We’ve also seen this in previous footage in which Ifrit fights Typhon. In the Final Fantasy XVI clip of Clive’s fight with Ifrit, it looks like he uses Garuda’s Deadly Embrace to grab Ifrit and throw him to the ground. After the Dark Eikon is incapacitated, he seems to use Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth to deal damage.

It’s unclear at what point of the game this fight will take place in. From what we know about the story, Ifrit is the main cause of Clive’s problems. Some tragic events revolving around Ifrit will send Clive on a journey for revenge.

Final Fantasy XVI will come out on the PS5 on June 22, 2023. It will be exclusive on the platform for six months.

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