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Co-op Details Emerge For 2D, Dark Souls-Inspired Salt and Sanctuary



Details have released about how Salt and Sanctuary, previously a 2D, single player action game inspired by the bleak, dangerous worlds of the Souls series, will now be implementing some local co-op, allowing a second player to come in and help the player or fight against them. (Thanks Playstation Blog!)




A main factor in bringing another player to the game are the sanctuaries – peaceful locations in a hostile world – where players can summon useful NPCs. They do so by placing statues at the sanctuary, and should the player place a Sellsword statue, they can ask the summoned NPC to call another player to play with them through local co-op.




When a second player enters the game, all of the world’s monsters grow a little stronger, gaining a lot more health and dealing a bit more damage. The player’s healing abilities will also be able to cure allies within a set radius, and there are potentially plans for a reviving spell.




Co-op players can also attack their partner using an Egg of Wrath, which initiates PVP. these items can be bought from the Sellsword, and can be used at any time during play.

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