Code: Pupil Gameplay Trailer Debuts as Pre-Registration Opens

Code: Pupil

Developer Tianren Lab posted the first gameplay trailer for Code: Pupil, a new action-platformer it’s working on. Targeted for mobile platforms, the game is
designed to invoke a Chinese urban fantasy aesthetic. The game is also open for pre-registration in China. [Thanks, Superpixel!]

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Check out the Code: Pupil gameplay trailer below.

Code: Pupil is centered around the idea of supernatural elements hiding in the shadows of the Zhongpu District, a small nine-block neighborhood under the jurisdiction of Kowloon City. Controlling various characters, players will gather supernatural clues while pretending to film the neighborhood to uncover hidden elements and the truth in the city’s nooks and crannies.

The gameplay also involves side-scrolling exploration, interaction, combat, and platforming. Players will interact with characters in Live2D-animated cutscenes, and take on powerful bosses. Different characters also have different gameplay styles and gimmicks. One character appears to activate a ranged attack, which puts a reticle onscreen to “shoot” enemies like a shooting gallery. Another sequence involved moving and collecting items in behind-the-back 3D perspective, as well.

Tianren Lab also announced that feedback from an earlier preview test phase will be incorporated into the game’s final release. The game does not yet have a firm release window, though a 2023 debut in China is likely. International release plans have not yet been announced.

Code: Pupil is in development for iOS and Android devices.

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