Collector’s Corner: Udon Pins Up Your Flair Game

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Collector’s Corner isn’t just about kawaii plushies and amazing scale figures. Oh no. Today, we’re going to take a look at a smaller (in scale, but not overall size) sort of addiction: enamel pins. To be more specific, Udon Entertainment pins.

Hard enamel lapel pins have long been a problem for me. A decade ago, artists hocking their fantasy pins at conventions helped me bolster up my video game and nerdom flair. Now we have more companies teaming up with merchandisers like Udon Entertainment to provide us with high quality, licensed pins. The good people at Udon were kind enough to send over a sampling of enamel pins currently available on the webshop.

Udon Collectibles Pins

The first group of pins arrived in clear cellophane bags, immediately showing off their spectacular design. The Neon Genesis Evangelion Collector’s Pins were the first ones I removed from the packaging and went hands-on with. Shinji, Asuka, and Pen Pen are just three of the nine pins available in this set. They feature hexagonal framework containing the busts of the various EVA characters.

Because the pin is not completely solid, these pins are much lighter than some of the others I received. I was impressed with the thickness of the pins and extremely happy to see that there are two pin posts on each of them. This way, they won’t spin around on your ita bag or collar.

Next up are the two-inch Akuma (Street Fighter) and Amaterasu (Okami) pins. Of the two, Akuma is screen printed, meaning you won’t see fill lines like you do on Amaterasu and the EVA pins. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t stunning. I honestly believe that this flat finish for him is better than doing a filled pin, thanks to the shadowing effect.

To that point, I also believe that Amaterasu had to be a traditionally-filled pin. The glittering flames and swirling red base bring Amaterasu to life in a way only a filled pin can. (Any time I come across a pin this stunning, it just has to be mine.) I’ve already decided to purchase the Chibiterasu from Udon as soon as I get paid again.

I have saved the best (in my opinion) pins for last. As one of my all-time favorite series, Sailor Moon holds a very special place in my heart. There’s a slight chance I may have purchased a bunch of fantasy pins while under quarantine.

These Sailor Moon Crystal profile pins of the Inner Senshi look amazing on my Sailor Moon pin board! Don’t be shocked when these arrive in a blind bag. Whichever scout you choose from the shop will be nestled carefully inside. The floral setting for each cameo is hard enamel, my preferred choice of enamel for pins. And at 1.5 inches in diameter, they are going to transform your coolest jean jacket into the focal point of your entire ensemble. If you want to show off your scout appreciation, I’ve been told stock is low on these ones.

All of the single pins in Udon Entertainment’s shop are very reasonably priced at $15. Other series with merchandise in the pin shop right now include Mega Man, Robotech Macross, and Monster Hunter, with MonHun weapon icon pin sets starting at $20. Keep your eye out on Wednesdays for the warehouse sale and the chance to score some out of print and limited quantity pins. You’ll want to be sure you hit 37 pieces of flair.

Annette Polis
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