Commodore 64 heading to the Virtual Console…in Europe


uridiumgold6.gifAnyone remember the Commodore 64? I had one as a kid (and it was old even then), and had a lot of fun with it. Even learned a bit of BASIC on it. Well, for European Wii owners who are itching to relive some of their C64 memories, there's good news! Commodore has announced (yes, they're still around) that C64 games will be hitting the Virtual Console in Europe. The first two titles to hit are Uridium and International Karate, and C64 games will cost 500 points, as much as NES games. Personally I feel that this may be a bit steep, but for people who really enjoyed these games in the past, the price of admission will definitely be worth it. No solid date has been set for the C64's debut on the VC, but we should see it later this year. Now the big question is, when will we see the C64 hit the US Virtual Console, if at all?