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Compile Heart Explains Varnir of the Dragon Star’s Battle System, Gameplay Features



Compile Heart appeared on 4Gamer’s livestream yesterday at TGS 2018 to show off and explain Varnir of the Dragon Star’s battle system and gameplay features.


Check out the gameplay below (starts at 2:02:51 mark):


Apart from displaying how mid-air battles work, with different layers, as well as the Fear Meter mechanics. As a reminder, by attacking enemies, their “Fear Meter” goes up. The more it rises, the easier it is to devour enemies. When you eat an enemy with a “Devour Skill” you can acquire a “Skill Tree” possessed by the enemy. Furthermore, when the Fear Meter goes to 100% the party members can activate a Weakness Rush that ends with a successful devour if it finishes off the enemy.


By devouring dragons, you can get new skill trees that can unlock new passives and battle skills for the character in question. This means that it’s best to eat dragons with various characters so you can unlock skills for them too. The one exception are bosses, which unlock skill trees for every character after successfully devouring them. After unlocking skills, you can equip as many as you want, up to the cost limit.


Later in the video, Compile Heart show off how you can take care of the main character’s younger sisters so that they won’t die from the dragons growing inside of them. They also show off Potion Synthesis, and explained that you can fight the crossover dragons from Falcom’s games this way, though it isn’t recommended until you are fairly experienced.


Varnir of the Dragon Star releases in Japan on October 11, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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