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Concrete Genie VR Modes Let You Befriend A Genie And Paint Alleyways


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Concrete Genie, the upcoming PlayStation 4 game that follows a boy named Ash who uses a magic paintbrush to bring his graffiti to life and restore his sketchbook destroyed by bullies, doesn’t just have a campaign. It also has two optional PlayStation VR modes that offer two different experiences, and the PlayStation Blog has offered insight into the two modes, known as VR Experience and VR Free Paint, that put you into Ash’s shoes.


The first Concrete Genie VR mode is VR Experience, which requires two Move controllers. It is a side story involving Splotch, a Genie that can work together with Ash. As you help Splotch make their way through Denska’s lighthouse, you’ll get to use the magic paintbrush to help them on their journey. Eventually, the living paint can help them get a special power.


After beating VR Experience, Concrete Genie‘s VR Free Paint opens up. Like the other mode, it also requires two Move controllers. Once it is available, you can go to different places around the town of Denska and use the magic paintbrush to have living paint and Genie creations drawn around town.


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Concrete Genie will come to the PlayStation 4 in Fall 2019. The base game does not require a PlayStation VR headset.

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