Couple-Raising RPG Towatsugai Gets a Stage Play

Towa Tsugai

It hasn’t launched yet, but Square Enix’s upcoming “couple raising fantasy RPG” Towatsugai is already being adapted for the stage. The official Towatsugai social media account announced that the game will receive a stage show, scheduled to launch in June 2023. The game itself will launch on February 16, 2023 [Thanks, Denfaminico Gamer!].

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Towatsugai (also known as Towa Tsugai) was first announced in October 2022. It’s billed as a “couple-raising fantasy battle RPG.” In the game’s case, the couples are pairs of special girls called Birds. They all work for CAGE, an organization that fights against magical creatures that emerge from the “Black Sea” that is slowly corroding reality. The characters are all named after various species of bird, and are paired together in Couples. For example, the characters Crow and Swan (Karasu and Hakuchou) are paired together in the “Destiny” Couple. Players will shepherd the Bird Couples through battle, using cooperative attacks and helping them deepen their bonds. They’ll listen to each Couples’ story, as well, which unlocks progressively as the pair gets stronger.

Here’s a trailer that introduces the setting and some of the couples.

The stage show adaptation of Towatsugai is designed to convey an impression of the game’s world. It’ll take place at Ikebukuro’s Sunshine Theater, running from June 16 to June 25, 2023. The stage play is written and directed by Ichidai Matsuda, who directed some of the NieR Automata-related YoRHa stage productions. Some of the performers who will appear onstage will do so in the roles of their in-game characters. Moeka Koizumi, an actor who also played Nana Daiba in Revue Starlight, will play Owl.

Here’s a trailer showing off some of the performers in costume.

The Towatsugai stage play will be held in Japan from June 16 to 25, 2023. The game will launch in Japan on iOS and Android devices on February 16, 2023. No international release plans have been announced.

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