Coven And Labyrinth Of Galleria Features A Witch Grandmother And Two New Classes

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Details for Coven and Labyrinth of Galleria have come out via Dengeki PlayStation, including visuals for protagonists Eureka, the witch Madam Malta and her granddaughter Periko, and the two new classes, ‘Wonder Corsair’ and ‘Shinomashira’. Additionally, the feature reveals just how the new ‘Miramachina’ mechanic will work.



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Spirit Lamp: A lantern where you, the player’s soul has been sealed inside of. As you can’t move by yourself, Eureka has to bring you around. The Spirit Lamp is able to show your thoughts.


Eureka: A plucky and optimistic young girl who has the ability to fix wandering souls in place.


Madam Malta: A long, white-haired old witch, nicknamed “Obaba-sama”. In order to find artifacts, she sends Puppet Soldiers into the labyrinth.


Periko: Malta’s granddaughter who’s traveling together with her. She can be cheery, but is usually frowning over some thing or other. She likes cats.



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‘The Palace of Galleria’ is a place that is located far out in the forests. Beneath the palace is a labyrinth constructed by demons, called the Gallery thanks to the art and paintings stored within.


Wonder Corsair


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A pro at battle who’s mastered various weaponry. While they valiantly face off against strong foes, they also prioritize helping allies and surviving. They’re balanced attackers with a good mix of attack and defense.


Dengeki PlayStation notes that they will likely play similarly to the Aster Knights from Labyrinth of Refrain, and hints that they will be able to play an even more flexible role compared to the Aster Knight class.




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Shinomashira are elite warriors from the Mashira clan, who come from an Eastern country. Axes and hammers are their forte, and they blaze through using their physical skills in frontline fights.


Dengeki PlayStation notes that they’ll likely be in a similar position as the Shinobushi from the first game, but wielding blunt (and heavy) weaponry will likely make them play differently.




Miramachina are new automaton puppets that can be called out and placed in front of Covens. They last only a few turns and cannot be commanded, but support the Covens with various skills. Each Miramachina will have different specializations, with some focusing on defense and some on attack.


Finally, director Tatsuya Izumi said that they have incorporated feedback from the first game into this game, which is more of an successor than a sequel. It is also important to note that Dengeki PlayStation has corrected that Coven and Labyrinth of Galleria is only coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, but not Nintendo Switch.


Coven and Labyrinth of Galleria releases for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on July 25, 2019.

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