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Cover Further Measures on Protecting VTubers, Creatives From Harassment

Cover detailed how it plans to protect its Hololive and Holostars VTubers from harassment. Cover is working with fellow Vtuber companies Anycolor and UUUM on these measures.

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Several companies and organizations are working together to prevent fans and antis from attacking creators other than Hololive VTubers. They are twelve creative companies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Criminal Investigation Bureau, the Safer Internet Association (SIA), the Social Media Association of Japan (SMAJ), Authesne Law Office, and GVA Law Office. Cover wants to make sure that its VTubers can stream and produce content without worry, and it will not tolerate any attacks or harassment against them.

Cover’s webpage includes comments from creators on its anti-harassment measures to protect VTubers and YouTubers. Hikakin of UUUM stated that he feels safer with so many groups and corporations protecting them. He hopes that more people will know about how serious online harassment can be. Tokino Sora of Hololive states that some hurtful comments have caused her to stream while holding back tears, and it’s not something that you get used to no matter how many years you work as a VTuber. She reminds people that words are more powerful than one thinks and hopes that online harassment will disappear one day.

In December 2022, Cover and Anycolor revealed that it wanted to work together to combat defamation against their VTubers. In 2023, Cover made good on this, sending cease and desist notices and filing requests for disclosure of information. Between December 2022 and January 2023, Cover handled 146 cases. More have likely occurred since then.

You can read Cover’s entire statement on its website.

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