Creator Of Retro-Style Indie Classics Reveals The Curse Of Issyos



Locomalito, the creator of retro-style classics like the Ghosts ‘N Goblins-like Maldita Castilla, has announced his next game. It’ll be heading to PC and it’s called The Curse of Issyos.


In the announcement, Locomalito revealed that The Curse of Issyos actually started out life in 2010, but it was pushed aside when he began work on Maldita Castilla (his most well-known game).


That factoid aside, The Curse of Issyos is a retro-styled (what else?) action-platformer steeped in Greek mythology. You play as a fisherman called Defkalion who is told by the goddess Athena that Olympus has cursed the island of Issyos. As his daughter lives there he fears the worst and the game starts when he arrives at the island.


The Curse of Issyos is inspired by the movies that creature animator Ray Harryhousen was involved in as well as games including Vampire Killer, Rastan, Kenseiden, Rygar and Ninja Gaiden. It’ll have standard enemies, bosses, exploration, and secrets to discover. Locomalito is hoping to get it out before 2016 comes but isn’t sure if it will.

Chris Priestman
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