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Crema Shows How to Handle the Temtem Mythic Lairs

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When the Temtem Cinpaku Island update debuted, it also added new multiplayer Mythic Lairs. People who head into them can fight Mythical Temtems. In the case of the Cinpaku update, this means Tyranak. To help people better visualize how this multiplayer element works, there’s a video showing it off.

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The new Temtem video shows how up to five people all take on a Mythic Lair, specifically citing the one in Anak Volcano. People need to activate switches with Temtem from different types. Each person is then teleported to the lair, which places each player on a different crucible route. You can’t plan, as your Temtem and items are randomized, though you can share with the other people in the Mythic Lair with you.

If the group gets 18 Mythic Jewels by going through these gauntlets, you get to fight Tyranak. As the video shows, winning earns you your own Tyranak egg and a Lithe DNA Strand. It also shows how a Tyranak will look alongside a trainer who completed the challenge.

Mythic Lairs are only one new feature in the update. People can also unlock fast travel and catch new digital and electric Temtem.

Temtem is available on the PS5 and PC, with PS4, Switch, and Xbox One versions on the way in 2021.

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