Cris Tales Update Adds New Character, Dungeon, and Ending

Cris Tales Update Adds New Character, Dungeon, and Ending

A major Cris Tales update appeared on December 16, 2021, and it adds new things like a character, dungeon, and ending, while fixing old issues involving Switch load times. People can download it now for free. Modus Games confirmed that much of the new content is endgame material. People with existing save files can access it after applying the patch.

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Editor’s Note: Details about the Cris Tales update’s new character will appear below.

First, Adri will join the cast of Cris Tales characters. She is classified as the Inventor and acts as a summoner. Modus mentioned mines and turrets as her specialities. Her and her mechanical dungeon come up at the end of the game. Expect them around St. Clarity. The new ending unlocks if you complete the new content.

Here’s a trailer looking at her.

Here are the full Cris Tale December 2021 patch notes.

Patch Notes

  • Added a new playable character.
  • Added a new side quest and dungeon, with new enemies and a new boss.
  • Added a new Colosseum.  Speak to the Wandering Merchant to test your mettle!
  • (Switch only) Reduced loading times by approximately 30%.
  • Fixed an infinite white loading screen that could rarely occur at the end of battles.
  • Fixed a gameplay blocker that could rarely occur when a character’s syncro is interrupted.
  • Fixed a gameplay blocker that could rarely occur during the Volcano Sisters boss fight.
  • Fixed a gameplay blocker that could rarely happen during certain other boss fights.
  • Fixed an issue with the Empress’ Gaol ability which could impact party composition after the battle.
  • Fixed issues with minor graphical flickering in some backgrounds.
  • Various text and graphical fixes.

Additional Nintendo Switch Patch Notes

  • Fixed numerous text bugs. 
  • Fixed numerous user reported soft-locks.
  • Fixed an achievement not being unlockable.
  • Fixed enemies occasionally not appearing during a battle in the salt mines.
  • Fixed the “burn” icon becoming distorted when using Impact Strikes.
  • Adjusted pricing for Tents.
  • Adjusted pricing for the Distortion Ring.
  • Crisbell now learns Heal at level 2.
  • The Empress will now use perfect heal for only two turns.

Cris Tales is available on the PNintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia, as is its new update.

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