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Crocodile, Kuzan, And Sakazuki Will Appear As Enemies In One Piece: World Seeker



Bandai Namco revealed in this week’s issue of Jump magazine that One Piece: World Seeker is adding Crocodile, Kuzan, and Sakazuki as villains you’ll be fighting in the open-world action adventure game.


The former-Shichibukai Crocodile appears to the island in search of “something.” He attacks using his powerful sand abilities. He attacks Luffy and friends after thinking that they’re after this “something” as well.


Kuzan, the former Marine Admiral, will also make an appearance on the island, but his objective isn’t known. As for the Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, he’s there to serve justice and won’t let Luffy and friends off easily. There’s also a screenshot that shows the moment with Ace that we don’t speak of.


One Piece: World Seeker releases worldwide in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In case you missed it, check out our previous report for a look at the game’s latest trailer where Luffy does his best Solid Snake and Spider-Man moves.

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