Cross Reverie Will Have Transformations With More Powerful Skillsets



Sinxsoft was recently asked about how the transformations in its dark Japanese-style RPG Cross Reverie would work, and so the team answered.


You can see a concept image for Raine’s transformation above. The idea is that the transformations don’t add too much work for the team to manage before the game’s release such as redoing each party member’s models and animations.  However, that said, transformations should be different enough in look and ability to normal models to be distinguishable.


“Regarding the actual mechanic, the transformations (when unlocked and conditions are met) consume all TP & SP in exchange of a more powerful skillset and solo combination possibilities for a limited number of turns,” Sinxsoft said.


Sinxsoft also revealed two new characters for Cross Reverie in its latest update. There are no details on them yet so give them a good luck and let your imagination fill in the details. The first new character reveal is Azar:


The second character reveal is Shiro – that’s the guy with the headband, not the evil creature – as you can see below:


Chris Priestman