Here’s a Curse of the Moon 2 Characters Breakdown, Including Hachi the Corgi Mech Pilot

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 is on the way, and Zangetsu has a new trio of badasses along for this ride. While the first game’s crew basically mirrored the Castlevania III squad, the new Curse of the Moon 2 characters have a bit more creative juice behind them. Inti Creates gave us some details on the new cast, including who they are, what their deal is, and what they can do with their abilities. Also Zangetsu is still here, so we can talk about him too.

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curse of the moon 2 characters zangetsu

Zangetsu is back in the driver’s seat, which is impressive considering the events of the first game. He’s the most straightforward character, and is the fastest attacker in the game. His high HP pool also makes him nice and sturdy, which is good because he needs to get in close. His Ball and Chain and Magic Charm sub-weapons let him cover more real estate above and below respectively, and his Demon Essence allows him a brief boost to his already powerful sword.


What if Scrooge McDuck was a violent exorcist working for the church? That’s pretty much the case with Dominique, who can use her spear to vault to otherwise unreachable spaces, and of course pogo off of enemies. In addition to extra combat abilities from her sub-weapons, Dominique can also drop a healing plant, and has a one (per level) revive spell that can bring all her allies back.


Robert is an old war buddy of Zangetsu who has beef with both the demons and the church. I’m sure things between him and Dominique aren’t awkward at all. Robert is a trickster sort of character, who uses long range weapons to offset his lack of magical ability or physical power. His musket can’t break secret walls or pierce armor, but he can lay prone to avoid attacks and even grab and kick off walls. His sub-weapons, which include a Hand Grenade and Drake Cannon, have off-kilter physical properties that let Robert create his own advantages. He also has a magical Rapid Scarf that boosts his reload speed and lets him briefly auto-fire.


curse of the moon 2 characters hachi

Hachi is a Very Good Boy who pilots a Very Big Mech. Hachi is an actual Welsh corgi that was experimented on by a mad scientist and can now pilot a magical suit of armor that looks like an anthropomorphic steam engine. Hachi owes some kind of debt to Zangetsu, and is using his godless puppy powers to help him out. Naturally Hachi is a tank, with huge HP and defenses against certain types of damage. His offensive capabilities are limited, however, and all his sub-weapons are defense-oriented.

That’s all we have on the new Curse of the Moon 2 characters for now! Curse of the Moon 2 was only just announced during the New Game Plus Expo, so stay tuned for more information.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 will launch “soon” for the PS4, the Xbox One, the PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

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