Custom Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Wedding Ring Takes Inspiration From Anju And Kafei’s Masks




Takayas Custom Jewelry has recently crafted a pair of wedding rings inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. The wedding set features overt and subtle references to Majora’s Mask, including allusions to the Clock Tower, Stone Tower Temple, and even Anju and Kafei’s complimentary sun and moon masks.


The front and back of the women’s ring design features a reimagination of Anju and Kafei’s sun and moon masks. Takayas used the unique symbol pattern on each mask and added diamond accents to represent the eyes of each mask.


sun-moon-mask-anju-kafei majoras-mask-zelda-engagement-ring-takayas-1024x1024


The men’s ring features a recreation of Clock Tower’s sun and moon symbols, which have been combined into one design and placed at the top center of the ring.


Zelda-Clock-Tower-Clock-Town majoras-mask-zelda-mens-ring-takayas


As detailed by the Takayas blog post, the inside of the ring features a design inspired by the Stone Tower Temple. “Takayas referenced the Stone Tower Temple by creating a mirror image reflection of the repeating, striped pattern from the entrance’s mouth.”

stone-tower-temple majoras-mask-zelda-mens-ring-back-takayas


The full story on the design process can be read here.