Customizing Characters Gives Them A Weakness For Every Strength In Eternal Lore


Action RPG Eternal Lore will let players customize their own monster-bashing warrior with their own choice of skills, creating whichever kind of fighter they like. However, depending on what strengths they increase, they will develop a weakness to go alongside it.


The Demon Lord Berial is dead, having been killed by a hero, but its progeny are still kicking around, looking to resurrect their father if more heroes don’t step in. As a new warrior, it will be up to the player to stop these creatures, creating their own unique fighter to do so, taking on quests and battling monsters as the story of the Demon Lord’s resurrection tries to unfold.

Players can build their own fighter using equipment and skills, readying them for however they wish to deal with the real-time combat. Players can give their fighter magic skills to create a spellcaster, and this will naturally raise their magic abilities. However, for every strength players choose, they also gain a weakness. If the player focuses on magic, their physical strength will grow weaker, and should they lean towards fiery abilities, they will develop a weakness for ice. It will be up to the player whether these trades are worthwhile, as while they’re creating a powerful character, they will also be giving them some exploitable weaknesses.


Eternal Lore is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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