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Cute Character-Stacking Action RPG Lapis Li Abyss Is Also Releasing For Nintendo Switch



Following the announcement of Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming action RPG with a cutesy artstyle, Lapis Li Abyss, we got more info revealing that the game is also headed to Nintendo Switch. [Thanks, @Renka_schedule.]


Here are some more tidbits of info:

  • Lapis Li Abyss is a brand-new IP that features cute characters drawn in 2D going wild with flashy scenes.


  • It’s a mission select-type action game that allows you to work your way through missions.


  • There are eight playable characters and over 100 different enemies.




Lapis Li Abyss releases in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on November 29, 2018 for 7,538 yen.

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