Cyber Dimension Neptune Gives Us A Rundown Of Its Game Flow And Its First Trailer

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Compile Heart shared the latest on their upcoming PS4 title, Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune, with details on its game flow along with a look at its first trailer.


The trailer shows us Neptune and friends playing the MMORPG title, “Four Goddesses Online,” where the goddesses will take on a different appearance to go with their own job classes.


The game’s adventure begins in the adventurer’s town of “Wishuel.” In the game, you’ll play as Neptune and her other friends, who are actually playing as their own characters in Four Goddesses Online. At Wishuel, you’ll get to meet all kinds of characters as you take on quests from the guild to advance through the story.


Here’s a basic idea on how the game flow works.



Everything begins at Wishuel, which will be your base of operations. This is where you can purchase equipment and items to prepare your adventurers.



The Guild is where you’ll accept quests. Quests are flagged by speaking to characters in town or through quests, and it’s how you’ll work your way through the story. You can also accept requests from the people of Arsgard and take them on as quests.



The above is a look at the world map, which features a world tree called “Leanverde” at its center. Once you’ve readied up, it’s time to head into a dungeon.



You’ll take on dungeons with a party of up to four characters as you work your way towards the objective. Not only do quests consist of defeating enemies, but some of them will make you gather material which are then used for finishing up quests.



As you work your way through the dungeons, you’ll encounter all kinds of enemies. You might even find some extra powerful monsters deep inside the dungeons.



When all is said and done, you’ll head back to the Guild in order to reap your rewards, which include items and bell (money). Some quests will open new story parts. Again, by completing special quests, you’ll get “Guild Rank” ups, which allow you to take on quests of higher difficulty.


Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune releases in Japan on February 9, 2017 for PlayStation 4. Read more about the game’s main characters and story in our earlier report.

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