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Cybuster Brings Us More Super Robot Wars: Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice Screens


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Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice has mecha that are bound by contracts with spirits. The result is you get unique robots like Cybuster which uses the power of wind and transforms into a bird. The story unfolds with event scenes and Namco Bandai upped the quality of the artwork for PS3 and Vita. Here’s a look at the robots and characters in the game.


Cybuster (contract with a wind spirit)

srtmk3-01 srtmk3-07 srtmk3-06 srtmk3-05 srtmk3-04 srtmk3-03 srtmk3-02


Granveil (contract with a fire spirit)

srtmk3-08 srtmk3-16 srtmk3-15 srtmk3-14 srtmk3-13 srtmk3-12 srtmk3-11 srtmk3-10 srtmk3-09


Goddess (contract with a water spirit)

srtmk3-17 srtmk3-24 srtmk3-23 srtmk3-21 srtmk3-20 srtmk3-19 srtmk3-18


Zamzeed (contract with an earth spirit)

srtmk3-26 srtmk3-34 srtmk3-33 srtmk3-31 srtmk3-30 srtmk3-29 srtmk3-28 srtmk3-27


Giorias (contract with a lesser wind spirit)

srtmk3-35 srtmk3-41 srtmk3-40 srtmk3-39 srtmk3-38 srtmk3-37 srtmk3-36


Leogeira (contract with a lesser fire spirit)

srtmk3-42 srtmk3-47 srtmk3-46 srtmk3-45 srtmk3-44 srtmk3-43



Delgiran (contract with a lesser earth spirit)

srtmk3-48 srtmk3-52 srtmk3-51 srtmk3-50 srtmk3-49


Dinflail (contract with a lesser fire spirit)

srtmk3-53 srtmk3-59 srtmk3-58 srtmk3-57 srtmk3-56 srtmk3-55 srtmk3-54


Valsione R is a special form which you can get via a PSN download code included with a first print copy of Super Robot Wars: Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice. Players can switch between the Valsione and Valsione R forms.


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