Cygames 10th Anniversary Polls Show Familiar Faces

Famitsu Cygames 10th Anniversary

Cygames’ 10th anniversary was on May 9, 2021 and in commemoration, Famitsu held a poll and set up a special site devoted to Cygames’ history. Twitter user Granblue_EN posted some of the more interesting results on Twitter, including a popularity poll and desired game genres. [Thanks, Famitsu and Granblue EN (Unofficial)!]

Sandalphon is, unsurprisingly, number one on the popularity poll. He made the top of the list last year as well. Some of the dark horses (pun intended) include characters such as Agnes Tachyon and Toukai Teio from Uma Musume Pretty Derby. The game has only been out since February 2021 and is currently one of the top highest-grossing mobile games worldwide, despite its limited availability.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby stole the show again in the question “What Cygames character do you want to see in a collab with another game?” Gold Ship, the mascot for Uma Musume Pretty Derby’s YouTube channel, is at the top of the list. Sandalphon follows up behind Granblue Fantasy’s female protagonist Djeeta.

The entire poll isn’t available on the Famitsu website, but Famitsu does have several pages dedicated to Cygames’ history. For example, there’s a news page that compiled past Famitsu covers from Cygames’ anniversaries. A site focused on Famitsu’s live special on Cygames’ 10th anniversary was also made.

Cygames games such as Granblue Fantasy and Princess Connect! Re:Dive are available worldwide on mobile devices and PC. The spinoff fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus is available on the PlayStation 4 and PC. Uma Musume Pretty Derby is currently only available in Japan.

Stephanie Liu
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