Cygames Announces Shadowverse, A Hearthstone-like TCG With A Japanese Touch

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Mobile game developer Cygames had a countdown site going on, which revealed a new smartphone game called Shadowverse, which is a lot like Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, but with a Japanese touch. The official website shows us more.


Similar to Hearthstone, your primary objective is to attack your opponent’s character until their health hits zero, using units from your deck of card. It’ll have its own unique strategic element that involves timing evolutions to get an advantage.



All card units will be able to evolve, so a lot of your strategy will revolve around getting your units to power up before your opponent.


There are seven main characters that you can choose, and the story will revolve around them:


2015-10-16_055641 2015-10-16_055621

Erika and Arisa.

2015-10-16_055725  2015-10-16_055708

Luna and Rowen.

2015-10-16_055655 2015-10-16_055738

Isabelle and Urias.




The game will feature over 400 cards at launch, giving you a nice amount of cards to work with and come up with your own deck and play style.


Shodowverse will launch in Japan sometime in early 2016 for Android and iPhone, and an English version will be available as well. The game will have some deep connections with Cygame’s other smartphone card game, Rage of Bahamut.

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