Cygames Reveals New Uma Musume Figures Currently In Development

Uma Musume Figures

In a recent live stream, Cygames revealed several Uma Musume: Pretty Derby figures currently in development. The companies Alter, Kotobukiya, and Good Smile Company are planning to release figures of characters such as Tokai Teio, Gold Ship, and Mejiro McQueen in the near future. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

Cygames revealed the new figures during the Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Paka-Live TV Vol.9 live stream held on September 20, 2021. The announcement offered key details such as planned prices, design illustrations, and prototype models. Cygames also recently announced that both Alter and Good Smile Company have palns to release 1/7 scale figures of Rice Shower and Mejiro McQueen. Notably, Good Smile Company is currently the only figure company listed to have released an Uma Musume figure.

Alter will release a 1/7 scale “Beyond the Horizon” version of Tokai Teio. The planned price, pre-order dates, and release period are currently unconfirmed. Similarly, Kotobukiya will release a 1/7 scale figure of Tokai Teio in her race outfit. Her figure will be based on her support card from the game.

Good Smile Company is releasing a Nendoroid of Gold Ship as well as three POP UP PARADE figures of Gold Ship, Tokai Teio, and Mejiro McQueen. The price, pre-order period, and release date of the Gold Ship Nendoroid are currently unconfirmed. However, we do know that the POP UP PARADE figures will cost ¥3,900 (about $35) and feature the characters in their school uniforms. Furthermore, Cygames also revealed a work-in-progress photo of the Gold Ship figure in development.

Recently, Cygames announced that it would collaborate with the movie Top Gun: Maverick by sending the character Mayano Top Gun as a promotional pilot. The series continues to grow in popularity after its official release earlier this year, becoming the third-highest grossing mobile game in the world.

Cygames will reveal further information about the announced figures, and reveal more Uma Musume figures at a later date.

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