High Voltage Software is making a video game based on upcoming Astro Boy film and looks a lot like Astro Boy: Omega Factor. I saw Astro Boy: The Video Game at E3 and it has a mix of side scrolling and flying, just like Treasure’s GBA game.


Omega Factor was a big influence,” a developer explained. He also cited Ikaruga and Einhander as other games that the team examined when planning Astro Boy: The Video Game. In the air Astro blasts mechs with his finger laser. On the ground Astro has his butt machine gun. I mostly saw the sky stages where enemies flew at Astro in patterns that reminded me of Gradius.


D3’s game also has a cooperative two player mode. Instead of making player two Uran or Astro’s doofus brother Cobalt, both players control Astro. So, I guess one player gets Astro’s long lost clone brother.


Astro Boy: The Video Game is being made for the Wii, PlayStation 2, and PSP. A DS version is also in development, but it’s behind handled by Art Co. instead of High Voltage.


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