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3DS’s Latest Simple Series Game Is A Mystery Point-And-Click Item Searching Title


From various “escape adventure” games to wacky mahjong or demolition games, D3 Publisher’s @Simple DL Series come in different shapes and sizes. The latest one for Nintendo 3DS is a mystery “item-finding adventure”. The official website shares more details on the game.


In @Simple DL Series Vol. 38: The Item Search: High School Girl Detective- Case Book of Truth, you’ll go around the school to look for items in order to solve cases.


Since the game takes place at a school, you can expect to look for items cluttered around in all kinds of different areas, as you solve the puzzles and mysteries.



Here’s a look at the main characters of the game:


Mami Shirabe:


Mami is the main character of the game, and she likes to stick her head into all kinds of mysteries. Influenced by her father, this second-year high school girl admires detectives.


Asato Sagase:

Asato is a childhood friend of Mami’s since back in elementary school. He’s a proper young man, with a sense of responsibility.


Sachi Mitsuke:

Sachi is a calm and gentle young lady. She’ll be there to help find the truth behind the mysteries.


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The above images give you an idea of what kind of places you’ll be searching for items. There will be areas like classrooms, libraries, clubrooms, and they’re all pretty cluttered, so you’ll need to put your item-finding skills to use to find the right things.


To find items, it’ll come in three different categories of “item name,” “illustrations,” and “silhouettes,” that you must match in order to clear the stage. You’ll also be timed.


Once you clear the game, you’ll unlock a “Score Attack Mode,” which allows you to challenge yourself to find as many items possible without a time limit. Again, all the items found through story and Score Attack Mode will be saved to your picture book. There are over 350 items to be found, in order to get the 100% clear for the game.




The Item Search: High School Girl Detective- Case Book of Truth is currently available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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