Da Capo 5 Visual Novel Will Appear on PC Browsers in Japan

Da Capo 5 teaser

The Da Capo visual novel series will have a new entry, and it will appear on PC browsers in Japan. Circus has opened a new website for Da Capo 5. The newest sequel will arrive to mark the series’ 20th anniversary.

The website itself has yet to contain a list of platforms that Da Capo 5 will be available for. However, a Japanese press release announcing the game has shown up courtesy of Exnoa, the company behind the DMM Games platform. It confirmed that the visual novel will be available on PC browsers.

The Da Capo series originated as an adult visual novel released for PCs in Japan in June 2002. However, Circus also released all-ages versions of the games on PCs and consoles. The company mostly sells the PC versions in physical formats. As of this writing, Da Capo 3 R is the only entry that is available digitally on Steam.

The previous mainline entryDa Capo 4, appeared in 2019. In 2021, Circus also released Da Capo 4: Fortunate Departures, a direct sequel telling stories after the endings in the original game.

Da Capo 5 will be available on PC browsers via DMM Games in Japan. Circus has yet to announce a release window for the new visual novel.

Kite Stenbuck
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