Damon Baker Of Nintendo Of America Talks About Indie Success On Nintendo Switch

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Before the Nindies Showcase event yesterday, Damon Baker, Senior Manager of Publisher & Developer Relations at Nintendo of America, held a presentation on the success of indies on Nintendo Switch at GDC 2018. [Thanks, GameXplain!]


According to Baker, there was a lot of uncertainty about the Nintendo Switch around this time last year, but he was confident that the 60 indie titles that were released throughout 2017 would alleviate the fears that the Nintendo Switch wouldn’t have games to play between big releases.


Furthermore, about 76% of respondents from indie developers with multi-platform releases answered that sales on the Switch matched or exceeded sales on other platforms. According to Baker, Nintendo’s reputation seems to be shifting thanks to this.


After revealing the top 10 best selling indie games on Switch, Baker revealed that Nintendo will further increase visibility for content, such as with Nintendo Minute, the Nintendo Power podcast, and other methods. They will also be listening to feedback and improving the eShop and highlighting the content.

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