Dancing Psyduck Toy From KFC Becomes Viral Sensation

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KFC China’s dancing Psyduck toy has gone viral on sites such as Weibo, with some even selling for over $100. The Psyduck does a simple dance where it bounces up and down while raising and lowering one arm after the other. Netizens are sharing videos and GIFs of the Psyduck dancing with items such as cards taped to its hands, which may be why the toy is so sought after. [Thanks, ZhugeEX!]

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The Psyduck toy from KFC is part of its Children’s Day promotion. June 1 is International Children’s Day in China. Celebrations can include rallies and shows, as well as a reduced fare at parks and museums. Perhaps the Psyduck’s dance is to celebrate children all around the world. There is also a Pikachu toy, though it has not received much attention.

Psyduck, as one of the original 151 Pokemon, has had plenty of time to endear itself to people of all ages and nationalities. Junichi Masuda, a producer for Pokemon, says it is his favorite, and he even participated in a Pokemon Go world championship tournament with his Psyduck. The Pokemon often appears in stores. For example, you can buy a Psyduck teapot or a life-sized Psyduck plush.

This is not the first time that a kids’ meal toy from a fast-food chain has become an Internet sensation. In 2010, a Sasuke toy that McDonald’s released became incredibly popular because it could somehow balance anything on its head. Pictures popped up of Sasuke balancing items ranging from a rice cooker to a gun to a motorcycle.

The Psyduck toy is available at KFC stores in China for a limited time. It is also available overseas through sites such as eBay. However, there is a rather significant markup from its original price.

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