This Psyduck Teapot Will Cost Over 100 Dollars


Wonder no more about how water from a water Pokemon’s mouth will taste with this Psyduck teapot from Ensky. Pre-orders for the teapot opened on March 4, 2022, and it will ship in late April 2022. The Psyduck teapot will cost 13,200 JPY, which is around $114.15. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

According to the article, each teapot is handmade by a minoyaki artisan. Minoyaki is a type of ceramic from the Gifu prefecture in Japan. It makes up over 50% of the ceramic types that are available in Japan. The teapot comes with a strainer for tea leaves, and is 150 x 110 x 180 millimeters tall. It is big enough to make tea for about two people. You will have to remove the head to put water and tea leaves inside, and when you pour it, it looks like the water is coming out of Psyduck’s bill.

Here are some more pictures of the teapot:

Ensky often collaborates with Pokemon on making household items that resemble various species of Pokemon. For example, in January 2022, it revealed a wrist rest that looks like the Pokemon Yamper from Pokemon X and Y. While pre-orders for the wrist rest closed on January 13, 2022, it also has a release window of April 2022.

The Psyduck teapot is open for pre-order and has a release window of late April 2022.

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