Yamper Wrist Rest Can Double as Pokemon Plush

Yamper wrist rest

Ensky will release a wrist rest of the Pokemon Yamper. It is available via Animo, though Animo only has pre-orders open from January 12 until January 13, 2022. It will ship out in April 2022. The Yamper wrist rest will cost 2420 JPY, which is approximately $21. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

While Animo will close pre-orders on January 13, the wrist rest is also available from Amazon or Rakuten. Neither Amazon not Rakuten seem to have a particular date for when pre-orders close, which means that you are most likely able to buy it after January 13. However, Amazon and Rakuten do not offer international shipping for the wrist rest. The Yamper wrist rest is polyester and about 160 x 250 x 135 mm in size. Though it is a wrist rest for when you are at the computer, it can double as a soft plush as well.

Here are some more pictures of the wrist rest when not in use:

Much like its real-life counterpart, Yamper is a popular Pokemon mascot in merchandise. In June 2021, the Pokemon Center released a series of merchandise featuring various Pokemon relaxing. Among the items available was a large nap cushion resembling a Yamper’s butt. Unfortunately, the cushion is sold out on the official store.

The Yamper wrist rest is available for pre-order on Animo until January 13, 2022, as well as on websites such as Amazon and Rakuten. It has a release window of April 2022.

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