Danganronpa 1 & 2 Reload To Have A Staggering 21 Preorder Bonuses


    Fans of despair-inducing, murder mystery, music-rhythm and language learning Danganronpa have been waiting for the re-release of its first two games, collectively titled Danganronpa 1 & 2 Reload. Now, the extra bonuses for purchasing the compilation at different shops have been announced, and it’s a staggering 21 different types of items ranging from clear files to telephone cards and more. We’ve grouped them according to type.


    Clear Files

    014 015 012

    GEO, Animate and Sanyodo all get clear files (Left to right respectively)


    Telephone cards

    Telephone cards for those who need an emergency call in Japan can be had by purchasing SOFMAP’s, Anibro’s, Comroad, or Traders (Left to right respectively)

    020 007 008 004


    Tosho/Quo Cards/IC Stickers

    Fammys picks up a Tosho card (Used to pre-pay for book purchases)


    Seagull (left) and Ami Ami (right) gets a QUO card (Another pre-paid card usable at restaurants, convenience stores and the like)


    018 006

    Arguably, if you’re looking for bang for buck, these are probably worthwhile if you use their stored values quickly.


    NeoWing has an IC Card sticker (For sticking on train cards, not your actual identity card)



    PC/Smartphone wallpapers

    Seven Net Shopping and Happi Net Online have the bonuses most likely to appear online in a short bit – A digital wallpaper (left) and a PC/Smartphone wallpaper (Right)


    009 010



    Furohon has a beautiful, old-school water-style poster (Below)



    While Imagine picks up a nice bonding moment bookmark (Very useful for holding your place instead of dog ears!)



    Stellaworth gets TWO items: An A3 microfiber towel and an A4 clear file



    Futaba Books proves even keeping your breath minty fresh requires a cool case, with a free mint case cover for their order bonus.



    Enterking has one of my personal favorite forms of bonus materials, a postcard



    HMV is still surviving in Japan, and picks up a character badge



    AZ Market Zone has a useful (and work-safe!) tumbler.



    Finally, Rakuten has an original bromide card. Bromide is a Japanese term referring to commercial photographic portraits, not necessarily on actual bromide paper. Or even of portraits, as the case may be.



    And there you have it. 21 (whew!) different pre-order bonuses. Pick your store! Danganronpa 1 & 2 Reload will be out for the Sony PlayStation Vita next month on the 10th in Japan.



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