Danganronpa 10th Anniversary Goods Will Come Out in 2022

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As part of the 10th anniversary for the Danganronpa series, Spike Chunsoft will release numerous pieces of commemorative goods. They are all available for pre-order from the EJ Anime Store website. Pre-orders will close on December 5, 2021, and items will arrive in February 2022.

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The Danganronpa 10th Anniversary: Ultimate Class Reunion series of merchandise will feature students from all three main games. On some of the products, they are wearing formal outfits in celebration. The entire list of merchandise from EJ Anime Store, as well as the prices in JPY, is below.

  • Danganronpa square tin badges A/B Version (set of 8 for 4400 JPY)
  • Ultimate Class Reunion dressed-up acrylic stands A/B Version (set of 8 for 7040 JPY)
  • Dressed-up acrylic figures (set of 16 for 19,360 JPY) – SDR2 and NDRV3 only
  • Danganronpa dressed-up acrylic figures (set of 15 for 18,150 JPY)
  • Mug (1870 JPY)
  • Clear files (set of 3 for 1540 JPY)
  • T-shirt (3300 JPY)
  • Film style bookmarks (set of 40 for 17,600 JPY)
  • Acrylic art board (2970 JPY) – DR, SDR2, NDRV3
  • Acrylic art board (3850 JPY) – Danganronpa S

There are six variations for the square tin badges and the acrylic stands. There is a set for each game, which is further split into two each depending on gender. The reason why merchandise for Danganronpa has 15 students instead of 16 is because they do not include Junko and Mukuro as two separate characters.

The Danganronpa 10th Anniversary: Ultimate Class Reunion goods are available for pre-order on EJ Anime Store. Danganronpa Decadence will come out for the Nintendo Switch on December 3, 2021.

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