Danganronpa Popularity Poll Lists Komaeda, Nanami, Oma as Top 3

Danganronpa Popularity Poll

An unofficial Danganronpa popularity poll has gathered over 5,000 votes to determine the series’ most popular characters. Dengeki Online hosted a poll including 63 characters set to appear in the upcoming Danganronpa Decadence, excluding spoiler characters. The poll results list the top 30 characters alongside a few notable comments from fans. The results also feature individual rankings split by title. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

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Below are the top ten most popular Danganronpa characters according to Japanese fans:

  1. Nagito Komaeda
  2. Chiaki Nanami
  3. Kokichi Oma
  4. Hajime Hinata
  5. Kyoko Kirigiri
  6. Shuichi Saihara
  7. Makoto Naegi
  8. Gundham Tanaka
  9. Mikan Tsumiki
  10. Junko Enoshima

Fans highlighted top contender Nagito Komaeda’s height, style, and good looks, as well as the character’s impact on the game’s story as major points. People also seemed to enjoy Komaeda’s twisted personality. On a similar note, fans also enjoyed Oma’s personality regardless of how much they despised him. On the other hand, fans praised how Nanami supports the main character throughout the story. Many highlighted her cuteness, as well as her interactions with Hajime Hinata.

Notably, five of the top ten most popular characters were from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, including Komaeda at number one. Three characters came from the original Danganronpa, and two debuted in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. While listed at the bottom of the popularity poll, none of the characters from Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls made it into the top 30 list.

Danganronpa Decadence will release on December 3, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch. A collector’s edition of the game is also currently available.

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