darksFrom Software announced a version update for Dark Souls that will coincide with the launch of the Dark Souls Artorias of the Abyss downloadable content pack.


The patch fixes glitches like one that allows players you can use the Dragon Head infinite times. An event where you got a Homeward Bone after defeating a Gargoyle has been removed. Weapon attributes are generally lower. For example, the amount of time flame, chaos flame, and electricity buffs last is shorter in Dark Souls version 1.06. Mask of the Father, Mask of the Mother, Eagle Shield, Black Knight Greataxe, Hornet Ring, Dark Wood Grain Ring, Soul Spear, Crystal Soul Spear, and Sunlight Spear have been nerfed.


Not everything is bad! Dark Souls version 1.06 has more bonfires, so it should be easier to get around.


This update is scheduled for October 24 on PlayStation 3. The announcement doesn’t mention the Xbox 360 version since that was not released in Japan.

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