Dead or Alive fan site, Free Step Dodge, and Ripten have had a chance to send questions about the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 to Team Ninja, who recently replied with their answers. The Q&A doesn’t shed much light on new features, but Team Ninja do address a couple of topics that they haven’t before.


The first is a Tag mode. “Tag has always been a part of DOA, and we’re not going to start selling it separately now,” Team Ninja’s answer reads. “We are also considering new fighting systems in addition to Tag mode as well.”


On the subject of whether or not you’ll be able to record and share replays with other players: “I think that different people want different things from replays in Dead or Alive.  We are still thinking about what would make the best approach. We’ll let you know when we have something more concrete.”


The rest of the interview focuses primarily on the kinds of questions that advanced players would care about, so if you’re wondering what the minimum startup time for Power Blows is, or about tweaks to the counter system, you can read about those at the Q&A link above.


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