Tecmo Koei America have released new screenshots and a video featuring Jacky and Bryant, two of the new characters being added to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Ein, as you may know, is Hayate’s alter-ego, while Jacky is from Virtua Fighter, and will be joining his sister, Sarah Bryant, in the game. Watch the new video below:



In addition to the new characters, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will feature new costumes, too. Hitomi will have a new outfit with a new hairstyle, denim jacket and jeans. Kasumi has a new blue cardigan. Meanwhile, Christie is getting a police officer’s outfit.




Also being added to the game are new stages. Two of these have been shared by Tecmo Koei America—“Lost World” and “Forest”. The Forest stage is the one in the Kasumi screenshot above. The Lost World stage can be seen below:


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