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Dead Space Remake Gameplay Trailer Showcases Necromorphs

Dead Space Remake

EA Motive revealed the first gameplay trailer from its in-development remake of Dead Space on October 4, 2022. As an update of the 2008 original, it’s simply called Dead Space and is intended to relaunch the franchise. The last Dead Space title released was Dead Space 3, in 2013. The remake will launch on January 27, 2023 for PC and current-generation consoles.

Check out the Dead Space remake gameplay trailer below.

The Dead Space remake trailer closely evokes the 2008 original, with little substantial deviation from the core premise. As before, the game takes place aboard the USG Ishimura, a corporate-owned mining vessel in orbit over a mysterious planet. The Ishimura sent out a distress call after being overrun by mysterious, deadly creatures known as Necromorphs. Isaac Clarke, the protagonist, is part of the repair crew sent to investigate and assist. The gameplay is also similar, with an emphasis on third-person horror action. The Necromorphs are best dealt with by severing their limbs, and Isaac’s kit of repurposed engineering tools serves the purpose nicely. Isaac’s plasma cutter, RIG suit (with its glowing spine standing in for a health meter), and suit powers, such as Kinesis and Stasis, are all showcased.

For comparison, you can check out a launch trailer from the original at this link.

Outside of the graphical improvements, one key difference between the Dead Space remake and the original is in the voice acting. In the original, Isaac was largely silent. Now, dialog lines show him interacting over the radio with his companions and people aboard the ship. In an interview, Producer Philippe Ducharme and Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola said that the storytelling in the remake would be adjusted to better fit the larger universe that spun out of the first game. For example, some characters that only appeared in audio logs before would have some screen time, and others would have a bit more background and agency in the story.

For those wanting physical goods, Limited Run Games announced a Collector’s Edition package, available for pre-order as of press time. The package includes art prints, a pin, a patch, a metal replica of the Marker, a soundtrack CD, and a wearable helmet with a light-up visor based on Isaac’s RIG helmet. The game will ship separately from the merchandise upon release, allowing players to start playing without having to wait for the whole package to arrive.

The Dead Space remake launches on January 27, 2023, on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The original is available on PC and PS3, and on Xbox via Xbox 360 backward compatibility.

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