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Death end re;Quest 2 Introduces The Story, Characters, And More Screenshots


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Today, Compile Heart announced the opening of the official site for Death end re;Quest 2, which has new information on the story, keywords, characters, and more.


Check it out below:


The “Papa Killer” Mai heads to the cursed town of Liz Shoala, where her only hope, her sister Sanae, lives. She finds an excuse to stay at the Wordsworth girl’s dorm and begins to search for Sanae, but not only is she missing, it’s as if she never existed.

With a USB in her pocket, Mai uses the power of Arata Mizunashi’s PC and hacking, and begins searching the cursed town.


This was the beginning of a new “Rondo of Despair”…


The missing genius programmer Arata Mizunashi. The death of over 20 young girls. “Barbos” watched over all of it.



Liz Shoala

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The story takes place in the town of Liz Shoala, which is located somewhere in the mountains. It used to be famed for its beautiful lake, but after a certain cult took root there, the area’s population decreased. The city center has both a church and a girl’s dorm.

It is forbidden to go outdoors at night. This is because at night, the town takes upon a sinister, unseasy, grotesque appearance, striking fear into the hearts of any that visit.Those who get lost and wander into this town can only flee…



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The town center of Liz Shoala has a church, which also houses a girl’s dormitory named Wordsworth. However, Wordsworth became the site of a continuous string of mysterious disappearances. Mai and the others end up caught up in the mysterious incidents and swirling conspiracy that unfolds in this town.


El Strain Religion

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The El Strain religion worshipped in Liz Shoala is a peaceful one that doesn’t force others to join it, and seems to be a source of relief in hard times. Furthermore, the requirements for those in positions of power are rather loose, and there are no gender or marriage restrictions.


Black Shadows

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Black Shadows are freaky-shaped beings that appear in Liz Shoala apart from monsters. Black Shadows are thought to be one of the curses that appear at night, and could either be the vengeful spirits of cursed humans, or “something not of this world”.

These unknown Black Shadows will chase after Mai and the others if they happen upon them. What will happen to them if they get caught?



Mai Touyama (CV: Chiwa Saitou)

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“I definitely will not cry.”

A young girl living at a girl’s dorm in Liz Shoala. Her father got violent, and pulled a knife on her. As a result of Mai struggling, an accident occurred which caused her father’s death. She was chained to the room and left to die, but was luckily saved by a city official.

After searching records, it was revealed that her mother Firis had gone missing, and so Mai was sent to the girl’s dorm as she was deemed an orphan.

She’s quiet and gives off a moody impression. As she was abused as a child, she always keeps her guard up around her heart at all times. She also has extremely high IQ, but as she never received education, her knowledge and ways of expressing emotion aren’t very uniform, and she sometimes takes unusual actions.


Rotten Dollhart (CV: Madoka Asahina)

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“I’m Rott. Why don’t we be friends?”

A young girl living at the girl’s dorm in Liz Shoala. Her nickname is Rott. She has an upbeat and kind “noble girl”-esque personality, and is looked up to in the dorm.

She’s got a strong sense of curiosity, and is great at looking after others. Whenever a mystery pops up, she can’t help but stick her nose into it. Her personality is a bit extreme, and she sometimes loses touch of reality, and shows off her airheaded side.

She’s the type of person to let anyone into her heart, and so puts all her effort into chasing after and hounding Mai. Soon, Mai opens up, and they become close friends.


Lilliana Pinnata (CV: Manaka Iwami)

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“From an objective perspective, Mai-san is right!”

A girl living in the girl’s dorm in Liz Shoala. Her father was possessed by a demon, and he killed himself, leading her mother to go crazy and abuse her. Thanks to this, she holds the belief that everything that happened to her family was thanks to demons, and so her future outlook is that she wants to join the church and exorcise demons.

Despite her young looks, she’s a smart girl who has a refined way of speaking, and an adult-like polite tone. She might seem to be quite knowledgeable, but as her parents were taken away at a time when she needed parental love, deep down she is vying for a mother figure.


Shina Ninomiya (CV: Hisako Toujou)

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“I haven’t seen an expanded reality like this before… what should I do, Mizunashi-san!”

A game designer who used to work for Enigma. Afterwards, she and the genius engineer Arata Mizunashi worked together to complete the Alice game engine and World’s Odyssey.

She’s gotten her memories from the previous game explained to her, and so knows to a certain extent the structure of the world.


A few years after the completion of World’s Odyssey, Arata suddenly disappeared, prompting Shina to chase after his whereabouts.



Turn-based battle

death end 2 system 1

This game is a turn-based command battle game with three party members present on the battlefield. Movement order is decided by speed.

Furthermore, the character whose turn it is is able to move freely around the field. It’s possible to freely determine the angle of attack. Thanks to this, it’s possible to work together with other party members, and attack from outside the enemy’s attack range.


Tri-Act System

death end 2 system 2

Battles use the Tri-Act system where you can perform three actions on each turn. You can freely choose three actions from Attack, Item, Guard, and Skill options.


Super Knock Bug

death end 2 system 3

The ‘Knock Bug’ mechanic from the previous game has been powered up into Super Knock Bug. When using skills with this characteristic, enemies are sent flying, and can hit other enemies to deal huge damage to multiple enemies at once.


Glitch Style

death end 2 system 4

A cheat-class power-up system that can be used as Mai and the others get corrupted by the curse, or take damage from enemies. When corruption reaches a certain level, Glitch Style activates.

Glitch Style has been made easier to activate from the previous game, and even more fun to wreak havoc with. When activated, the characters’ appearances change.



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Death end re;Quest 2 is in development for PlayStation 4. Check our previous report for a teaser trailer.

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