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Death end re;Quest’s First Screenshots Show A Blue-Haired Heroine



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Death end re;Quest is a new RPG by Compile Heart that will have you save a girl trapped in a discontinued VRMMORPG. Famitsu shares a first look at its screenshots featuring a blue-haired heroine.



A girl named Shiina Ninomiya had gone missing but was found inside a bug-consumed video game. Death end re;Quest is an RPG that will have you navigate between “game” and “real” worlds. Here you’ll encounter bugs with their own will, NPCs who possess hearts, characters that shouldn’t exist, mysterious urban legends and more.




The game starts out when protagonist Shin Mizunashi receives an email from a girl named Shiina Ninomiya, who went missing about a year prior. After learning that she’s been unable to logout from a discontinued VRMMORPG called “World Odyssey,” he decides to take action and search for the missing girl.


Death end re;Quest is in development for PlayStation 4. You can catch up on plenty more details in our earlier report.

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