Death March Club Gets Its First Screenshots, Details For Story And Main Characters



Too Kyo Games recently had a lot to say about its upcoming death game with kids, Death March Club. We have more info with story and character details in English from its official website and new screenshots.


First, here are details on the game’s story and characters:



Just another elementary school in Tokyo—with a “LOSER” class where all sorts of drop-outs are brought here.

Reycho is an odd ball who’s in the class. On one summer day, Reycho’s class was on its way to a school trip when the bus was caught in a rockslide.


The students woke up… only to find themselves in an  amusement park under the sea.

It must have shut down a long time ago. Reycho and his friends were trapped in a deserted and spooky ruin. From out of nowhere appeared a clown… and it’s demanding the kids to play a game to kill each other!

With no time to understand what is going on, Reycho’s classmates are dragged into a game of life or death!


How will these kids survive this insane situation? While they are at their wit’s end… mysterious and uncanny powers awake within them.


At the same time…

An emergency situation took place above the waters.



6th Grade



Curious boy who sticks his nose into everything. He steps up to the plate in crisis situation, not because he is courageous, but only because he is not aware of potential risks.


Definitely a brat, in both good and bad ways. An immature and naive boy… and oblivious about girls.



6th Grade


cha02_img A happy but crazy, scatterbrained, and ditsy. Totally off-key and usually ignored by others. She plays dumb but actually has a brilliant mind.


One of the first to notice conspiracies plotted by grownups.



The above is a new screenshot that gives us a glimpse of the game’s world.


Death March Club is slated for release in 2020 for PC. You can catch up on plenty more details in our previous report.

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