Deemo II Concept Video Reveals a Transparent Deemo in Beautiful Concept Video

Deemo II

Rayark held their Rayark Live livestream today, and among other titles like Cytus 2 and Sdorica, they showed off the beautifully-animated concept trailer for Deemo II, which shows a young girl with flowers growing out of her head (previously thought to be a boy) meeting another ‘Deemo’, except this Deemo is transparent.

Check out the video below:

“”When music plays, the sun shall stay.””

It seems that the girl is being hunted down for some reason, but meets Deemo at a train station. As the rain stops and sunshine returns, they’ll set off on a journey by train, in search for a fantasy kingdom for a hope that will save the world, while listening to the piano music all the way.

Deemo II‘s official website is also now open, and it provides even more stunning artwork for us to look at:

Deemo II

Deemo II

Via the official website, we now know that Deemo II is being developed by Jengen Games, which was also behind 2019’s Deemo Reborn. You’re able to sign up for news updates on the game via the website, and it’s also now possible to pre-register for a Deemo II demo version on Google Play Store here. According to Rayark, it’ll be a long while before Deemo II releases for real.

Deemo II is in development for Android.

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