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More Free Deemo Reborn Songs Added in Its December 2019 Update


While Deemo Reborn has a different feel from the original game, due to it adding puzzles and having a bit more structure to it, it does have quite a bit in common with the title that started it all. One of these things is ample support. While some of these have involved additional paid DLC, free Deemo Reborn songs are also on the docket. Most recently, as part of something of a holiday gift, new tracks were added.

These new, free Deemo Reborn songs are available via a free update. 15 tracks are available once people download the patch. A video with Ayana Taketatsu, the voice of Alice, the little girl who finds herself in Deemo’s world, revealed the announcement and wished fans a happy holiday. (If Taketatsu’s voice sounds familiar, it is because she also played Reiko in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Kotori in Date a Live, Leafa in Sword Art Online, and Tama in World of Final Fantasy.)

In addition to this free update, Rayark recently hyped up one of the most recent paid add-on. The $4.99 Rayark Selection Vol.2 Deemo Reborn DLC appeared on December 19, 2019, adding “Altale,” “Friction,” “I Race the Dawn,” “Moon Without the Stars,” and “Sanctity.” The video promoting it shows the Hard note pattern for “Altale” in the standard TV mode.

Deemo Reborn is available for the PlayStation 4, and it is PlayStation VR-compatible. You can find the original Deemo on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, and both Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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