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Demon Gaze Extra Will Release for the PS4 and Switch in September

Demon Gaze Extra Release Date

Kadokawa Games announced that an enhanced version of Demon Gaze, titled Demon Gaze Extra, will release on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. This new version of Demon Gaze will feature enhanced graphics and improved controls. Kadokawa Games potentially plans to add additional content to it in the form of post-game content. Demon Gaze Extra will release on September 2, 2021 in Japan. It will cost ¥7,480, which is about $68. [Thanks, Ryokuta2089!]

Additionally, a limited edition version of Demon Gaze Extra will be available to purchase. However, details regarding this special edition of the game have not been revealed in full. People will be able to get their hands on the limited edition for ¥11,480 (about $105).

Demon Gaze originally released on the PlayStation Vita in January 2013 in Japan. A Western release appeared in 2014. The story takes place some thousands of years after its predecessor, Students of the Round. Players assume the role of the main character Oz, who has the ability to seal demons. Gameplay is split between traversing dungeons and spending time at the inn where players can form bonds with a handful of different NPCs.

Demon Gaze Extra will release for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on September 2, 2021 in Japan. There is currently no word regarding a potential Western release.

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