Demon Slayer Tamagotchis Will Be Released Outside Japan

demon slayer tamagotchi

People who have been keeping an eye on the Demon Slayer Tamagotchi models heading to Japan won’t have to import if they want one. Everyone will be able to find these three designs outside the country. Bandai Namco confirmed that all three of the designs will be released outside Japan and sold at stores like Amazon and GameStop for $24.99 each.

Here’s the tweet confirming these virtual pets will be released in even more regions.

Bandai’s website has also updated with listings for the Tanjirotchi, Nezukotchi, and Kisatsutaitchi. The first two will be available everywhere, while the Kisatsutaitchi style will be an Amazon-exclusive design. (It is also the Amazon Japan-exclusive model.)

As you might expect, your goal is to raise up your character to potentially see it turn into iconic characters from the series. You will feed them rice and green tea and play the Break the Hyoutan, Cut the Big Rock, and Pour Hot Medicine minigames. Since these will be imported models, the instructions that come with them will be in Japanese and the official website will have translations.

The product listings don’t offer a Western release window for any of these Demon Slayer Tamagotchis just yet. However, they will launch in Japan in October 2020.

Jenni Lada
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